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SubjectPoor Leonard... and Documentation/ question
diff -rub 2.4.0/CREDITS linux/CREDITS
--- 2.4.0/CREDITS Fri Jan 5 09:00:34 2001
+++ linux/CREDITS Fri Jan 5 09:00:34 2001
@@ -3014,5 +3014,5 @@
# Don't add your name here, unless you really _are_ after Marc
# alphabetically. Leonard used to be very proud of being the
# last entry, and he'll get positively pissed if he can't even
-# be second-to-last. (and this file really _is_ supposed to be
+# be third-to-last. (and this file really _is_ supposed to be
# in alphabetic order)

Also, is there a seperate mailing list, or web site for the
DocBookization of Documentation/? Is the plan to DocBookize everything
under there? It's a bit of a mess, currently... there's not a naming
convention much less a formating one. I'm interested in helping out
since my C skills are less dangerous when set to read-only.

Jeremy M. Dolan <>
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