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SubjectMM/VM todo list

here is a TODO list for the memory management area of the
Linux kernel, with both trivial things that could be done
for later 2.4 releases and more complex things that really
have to be 2.5 things.

Most of these can be found on too

Trivial stuff:
* VM: better IO clustering for swap (and filesystem) IO
* Marcelo's swapin/out clustering code
* ->writepage() IO clustering support
* page_launder()/->writepage() working together in avoiding
low-yield (small cluster) IO at first, ...
* VM: include Ben LaHaise's code, which moves readahead to the
VMA level, this way we can do streaming swap IO, complete with
* VM: enforce RSS ulimit

Probably 2.5 era:
* VM: physical->virtual reverse mapping, so we can do much
better page aging with less CPU usage spikes
* VM: move all the global VM variables, lists, etc. into the
pgdat struct for better NUMA scalability
* VM: per-node kswapd for NUMA
* VM: thrashing control, maybe process suspension with some
forced swapping ? (trivial only in theory)
* VM: experiment with different active lists / aging pages
of different ages at different rates + other page replacement
* VM: Quality of Service / fairness / ... improvements

Additions to this list are always welcome, I'll put it online
on the Linux-MM pages ( soon.


Virtual memory is like a game you can't win;
However, without VM there's truly nothing to loose...

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