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SubjectRE: No SCSI Ultra 160 with Adaptec Controller
Hi Tom.  Thanks for writing.

> Since this machine has Quantum drives I guess this is my
> problem. Does anyone
> know if this code is still actually necessary? It seems
> it's been there a
> while. It's disappointing to not get full performance out of
> the hardware you
> have.

Yes, that code is still necessary. There's a new aic7xxx driver by Justin
Gibbs at Adaptec which is now being beta tested which corrects this issue.
Something to note, however: the media transfer rate for those disks is at
most ~20MB/sec. Therefore, you only exceed the 80MB/sec bus speed if you
have more than 4 disks all doing maximum I/O at the same time. Since the
PowerApp.web 100 has at most 2 disks internally, you really shouldn't see
any significant performance difference.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for buying Dell!
Matt Domsch
Dell Linux Systems Group
Linux OS Development

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