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SubjectRE: [Acpi] [OOPS] kacpid dies on boot 2.4.0-prerelease
(I'm keeping the CC to l-k, but let's move this to the acpilist, ok?)

acpi_get_battery_info is brand new code. It worked on my box, though ;-) can
you help me narrow down which of the assignments near the end of the
function is to blame? (via printk, I guess)

If you could post your DSDT that would be great too.

Concerning the slowness issue you mention. I'm not convinced this is a real
issue if just bogomips is less. I could be wrong..Does the system actually
feel slow?

Regards -- Andy

> From: Andreas Bombe []
> Attached is a ksymoops processed oops which kacpid creates as part of
> its initialization (i.e. at boot time). It was connected to AC power
> with a full battery, if that is significant.
> Kernel is 2.4.0-prerelease. The machine is a IBM Thinkpad
> i1200 series
> (to be more specific model 1161-267), Coppermine Celeron CPU 550MHz,
> 64MB RAM, BIOS updated to 1.0R.
> This machine works fine under APM except that it sucks as
> much power on
> suspend than when running (LCD and HD shut off, that's all).
> With ACPI
> I have the contrary problem that it goes into CPU powersave
> even when it
> should be running normally. The userspace bogomips program normally
> reports 546bm but only 64bm when running ACPI (and it is slow; kernel
> cpuinfo reports 1040bm in both cases, it is reduced in speed
> only after
> kernel did its own measurement). This could be related to the kacipd
> failure however.

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