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    SubjectRe: oops in 2.4.1-pre8
    On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Scott A. Sibert wrote:

    > I'm consistently getting an oops when accessing any smbfs mount whether
    > running 'ls' inside the smbfs mount or hitting TAB for filename
    > completion of a directory in an smbfs mount. I have another machine
    > (dual P2/300 w/320MB memory) that does not have this problem. The P2

    That other machine is not compiled with bigmem, I assume.

    > Ethernet is compiled into the kernel as is smbfs (not as modules). I've
    > compiled this kernel with 4GB bigmem support (otherwise I only get 8xxMB
    > total).

    The smbfs cache code in 2.4.0 doesn't work with bigmem. For now disable
    bigmem or don't use smbfs, it's oopsing all the time.

    Rainer Mager reported the same thing yesterday ("Oops with 4GB memory
    setting in 2.4.0 stable" if you want to read the thread).

    I am currently looking into this ... what kind of server are you
    connecting to? win2k/NT4/9x? It is easier to test with those than the more
    exotic OS/2 & NetApp.


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