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SubjectRe: Linux not adhering to BIOS Drive boot order?
Michael Meissner wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 12:32:05AM +0100, J . A . Magallon wrote:
> > If that is your idea of the average user... You're a system administrator,
> > you can have tons of scsi cards in your system if you want.
> >
> > You want to make things SOOO easy for a 'dummy' user, and that user will never
> > use them. The average user you are targetting says: 'daddy, buy me a PC to
> > run Quake and do my school jobs' or 'please, dear vendor, I want a PC to
> > do my housekeeping'. I have seen so many cases (A buys PC, A tries to run
> > brand new racing game that does not work, A goes shop and says: don't know
> > what's wrong with this PC, look at it and call me when MyCarRacingGame
> > works...).
> I also don't want things so complex for the people who need to do complex
> things, that they give up in frustration with Linux and use something else like
> *BSD, particularly when things are changed from the previous way they were done
> in Linux. I agree things should be simple for simple configurations, but that
> does not mean we should be throwing boat anchors and couches in the paths of
> people who have more complex hardware.
> > Average users you are targetting with that automagical
> > card detection even do not know there are SCSI and IDE disks. They just
> > want a 30Gb ide disk to install linux and play. If they involve with SCSI
> > and ID numbers and multiple cards and so on they can read some docs and
> > rebuild a kernel.
> Ummm, I just reread the 2.4 Changes file once again just to be sure, and it did
> not cover this issue. So how the *$@% are people supposed to "read some docs"
> to know about this, if the docs don't mention the information. I know people
> have been complaining about this change since at least the fall time frame.

There has been some movement on the SCSI subsystem
documentation front:

Doug Gilbert
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