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SubjectQuestion relating to the nopage handler and memory in general
Okay, I'm in the middle of developing a pseudo device driver under 
2.2.18. Processes that use it generally mmap() it, and in the mmap
handler, it sets up a nopage handler. Here's the question: After the
nopage handler has been called and pages have been mapped to client
processes' spaces, how can I "unmap" certain pages from processes that
memory has been mapped to, say from the ioctl handler? If not unmap, then
at least create a condition where the nopage handler would have to be
called again for particular pages..

Any help would be appreciated.

John Jordan

PS- I did look briefly through the list archives but couldn't find
anything.. and this is my first post to the list; if I sound like an idiot,
well.. it's to be expected.

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