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SubjectRequest for Data: Anyone out there with an ENSONIQ SoundScape?

I am trying to add ISA-PNP support to the ENSONIQ SoundScape driver,
but am suffering from a lack of examples: the only one I have is my
own. Can anyone who is using the sscape.o driver to control their
soundcard please email me with their working module parameters, plus
the output from either pnpdump or /proc/isapnp? And if you have a
SoundScape which doesn't have any pnpdump or /proc/isapnp output, then
can you tell me about your card too?

For example, my Soundscape has this ISA-PNP output:

# more /proc/isapnp
Card 1 'ENS3081:ENSONIQ Soundscape' PnP version 1.0
Logical device 0 'ENS0000:Unknown'
Device is active
Active port 0x330,0x300
Active IRQ 5 [0x2],9 [0x2]
Active DMA 1,3
Resources 0
Priority preferred
Port 0x330-0x330, align 0xf, size 0x10, 16-bit address decoding
IRQ 5,7 High-Edge
IRQ 2/9 High-Edge
DMA 1 8-bit byte-count compatible
DMA 0,3 8-bit byte-count compatible

And uses these module options:
options sscape irq=5 dma=1 io=0x338 mpu_io=0x330 mpu_irq=9

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