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Subject2.4.0 test13-pre7 still causes CDROM ioctl errors
[Saw your reply on the web archive: I'm not subscribed to linux-kernel.
Cc-ing the list for archive -- I've faked an In-Reply-To for correct

A "cat /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info" says
(I have 2 CD-ROMs, but the one with ioctl() errors is the SCSI one)

CD-ROM information, Id: cdrom.c 3.12 2000/10/18

drive name: sr0 hdb
drive speed: 1 1
drive # of slots: 1 1
Can close tray: 1 1
Can open tray: 1 1
Can lock tray: 1 1
Can change speed: 0 1
Can select disk: 1 0
Can read multisession: 1 1
Can read MCN: 1 1
Reports media changed: 1 1
Can play audio: 1 1
Can write CD-R: 1 0
Can write CD-RW: 1 0
Can read DVD: 1 0
Can write DVD-R: 1 0
Can write DVD-RAM: 1 0

Apparently, it recognizes its audio-playing capabilities.

However, this is NOT a CD writer, and I don't know why it's saying it
can *write* CDs. This CD-ROM is:

Host: scsi1 Channel: 00 Id: 02 Lun: 00
Vendor: PLEXTOR Model: CD-ROM PX-40TS Rev: 1.01
Type: CD-ROM ANSI SCSI revision: 02

As for sr_mod loading, I don't have any special flags specified
(no options in /etc/modules.conf). But I did not have any either

The module "sr_mod" loads correctly:

Module Size Used by
sr_mod 12688 0 (autoclean)
es1371 29104 0 (autoclean)
ac97_codec 7728 0 (autoclean) [es1371]
vmnet 17824 3
vmmon 19056 3
nls_cp437 4352 2 (autoclean)

Note that this does not prevent correct playback from xmcd, i.e. the control
interface to launch the playback works correctly, xmcd just complains about
the ioctl() error.

However, I'm also running VMWare (as you can see with the vmnet and
vmmon modules), and it refuses to connect my SCSI CD-ROM device. It says:

CDROM: "/dev/cdrom" exists but does not appear to be a CDROM device

And /dev/cdrom is:

/dev/cdrom -> /dev/scd0

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