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Subject2.4.0 test13-pre7 still causes CDROM ioctl errors
I had sent the following report a week ago:

Since I've installed 2.4.0 test13-pre4, I see the following errors
in my log:

sr0: CDROM (ioctl) reports ILLEGAL REQUEST.

and xmcd reports:

CD audio: ioctl error on /dev/scd0: cmd=CDROMVOLCTRL errno=95

This was working fine with 2.4.0 test12-pre5, which was the previous
kernel I was using.

Well, I installed 2.4.0 test13-pre7 and I still have the same error.

My CDROM driver is SCSI, connected to a Tekram DC390. I use
the am53c974 driver.

Something must have changed in this driver since 2.4.0 test12-pre5 which
broke the ioctl() handling routine.

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