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SubjectRe: Notebook disk spindown
Tim Brunne writes:
> *a silent hard disk hard disk is no longer feasible since kernel
> 2.2.11*.

Yes it is. I have one of my machines (which NFS serves a NFS root
client, both of which are on 24 hours a day) capable of spinning
down for up to 4 hours at a time, with no kernel modifications
what so ever.

> Shouldn't Linux support hard disk spindown during periods of
> inactivity? Is the tiny patch worth of being included into standard
> kernels?

It does. You really want to think about how you partition your disk
in conjunction with what the filesystems will contain, and what options
you want to mount with. The options that you're looking for are:


Use of these prevents the update of the "access times" for files.

Oh, I also have /var/run and /var/lock as a ramdisk (they only
refer to current system state).

Some user space programs will need to be modified - cron and ypbind
are the two that spring to mind. cron to prevent it writing to
/var/log/cron (not the security concerns with this mod), and to place
ypbind's temporary file that it polls once every 10 seconds into

Hope this helps.
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