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SubjectRe: Notebook disk spindown
On Sat, 9 Sep 2000, Tim Brunne wrote:

> I think Jamie is right. The nice feature of the old
> bdflushd deamon was, that disk writes were possible
> without spin up of the disk, because of RAM
> buffering. This is achived again by patching the
> kernel later than 2.2.10.

It is still possible with current kernels. As Jamie pointed out, just use
noflushd, available from every debian mirror in the woody tree, or from This will provide you
with the same functionality as the mobile bdflush or update versions on
earlier kernels.

Still the other proposals regarding noatime or upping the limits on
bdflush params make sense and can be used orthogonal to or without
noflushd. But note that there's an entirely user-level solution
without the need to hack the kernel.


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