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SubjectRe: Multiple Keyboards in 2.2/2.4?

> Points taken. Given that I withdraw the need for console support and / or
> used two seperate video cards, does it make it more feasible?

IMNSHO X servers should move as far away from dependency on /dev/ttyX as
it can do. The X server should use /dev/event, /dev/fb, and /dev/drm.
You can't totally move away because we will have to deal with VC switching.
In this case lock VT switching. When a key combo is pressed while in X
that tells it it should VT switch then save any needed data like what is
in the framebuffer and close all devices (/dev/event, /dev/dri, and
/dev/fb). In multihead enviroment it is going to get very very difficult
to use /dev/tty0. Piping multiple keyboards threw /dev/tty0 isn't going to
work. Believe I have tried it. The idea of /dev/tty0 as a foreground
console should go away once linux really supports multihead. Their are
tricks to find out what VC you are on and then open the local tty.

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