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SubjectRe: Multiple Keyboards in 2.2/2.4?
> > Is it / will it be possible to run multiple, or at least two keyboards
> before the new linux console code in 2.5?

> It is a whole lot more complex than that.
> [snip]
> Consider a multihead enviroment with 2 users. Each VT is in
> console mode. One starts the X server. Automatically X wants to set each
> video card into graphics mode. Now if I was say writing code on that
> second VT and all the sudden X started I would be really upset. Now
> consider a "good" X server (not XFree86) that starts and doesn't affect
> me. What happens when I start a X server on my VT? What impact will it
> have on the other user. This things have to be considered.

Points taken. Given that I withdraw the need for console support and / or
used two seperate video cards, does it make it more feasible? We do not
allow CTRL-ALT-DEL or power off from users anyway, as the machines are
also offered for external logins and x sessions to remote machines.

Ie. For us it would not be a loss to have no console access for users -
all we need is for two people to sit down at (X) logins, and for
CTRL-ALT-BKSPACE to kill THEIR x login, and return to a login prompt. We
can use any combination of USB or PS/2 or serial keyboards and mice as

Regards, Nick

Nick Towers : Systems developer, Dept. of Computing, Imperial College or for point and click
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