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Yeah. Maybe we fixed truncate, and maybe we didn't. I've thought that we
fixed it now several times, and I was always wrong. Time for some reverse

I'm sure this one doesn't fix the truncate bug either.

But I have this ugly feeling that I'm coming down with the same flu that
everybody else in my family had the last week, so I'd better release this
before I start puking on my keyboard.


- pre1
- Oops. Moved back stallion.c to drivers/char. It's not a TV driver.
Never has been, and I don't see it ever really becoming one ;)
- mca.c: outp_b() should be outb_p(). Obviously nobody actually
_uses_ the MCA bus any more ;)
- umsdos should be ok again after the page_address() type-changes.
- re-enable asynchronous read-ahead code.
- Sun ESP driver update
- netfilter debug fixes
- IPv6 needs to register before proto_init()
- socket() error code fix (EAFNOSUPPORT instead of EINVAL)
- potential TCP socket leak fix
- don't self-deadlock on the kbd_controller_lock when probing for the mouse
- CONFIG_SMB_NLS_REMOTE didn't work. Silly typo.
- scheduler wakeup race condition could cause delayed scheduling on SMP..
- net/packet/af_packet.c: use the standard macros for marking page resevredness
- ncpfs buffer-overflow fix
- thread groups, take 1.
- USB storage driver update
- pre2
- The TCP socket leak patch _really_ went in this time.
- get rid of more suser() checks in networking.. It's "capable(CAP_NET_ADMIN)".
- sparc updates
- alpha updates. Fast alpha xor for raid. AP1000 updates.
- Wonders never cease. digiboard driver updates. Christoph Lameter is BAAACK!
- SiS frame buffer driver updates. Can be used without a BIOS.
- nfsd interface cleanup.
- fix potential buffer overruns in get_partition_list. Remove
limitation of one page.
- floppy driver capability cleanups. Use "request_region()".
- handle dcache flushing when there are shared user mappings that
may be dirty.
- get rid of the "xxxx_ret()" user access macros. They are more complex than
just doing the return directly and they hide what's going on.
- fix up broken BIOSes that don't give unique ID's to different APICs
- make more of the drm drivers compile on other platforms and know
about the signal blocking issues.
- net/atm/mpoa_proc.c: user-space access thinko
- pcmcia: David Hinds: merge updates from 3.1.20
- pcmcia: non-ISA machines really shouldn't use ISA interrupts ;)
- ext2: truncate races and error code return fixes
- true shared signals for pthreads..
- pre3:
- ext2: final truncate piece - fix the innd problem.
- use "sfence" for x86 memory barrier when available.
- remove the thread-group signal code for now: no feedback.
Leave the cleanups in place so that we can add it back in
cleanly later, but remove the new features.
- ARM update.
- released for Al Viro to check the truncate thing
- pre4:
- truncate really fixed this time. Everybody agrees.
- pre5:
- truncate. Guess what? We threw away the key to the clue-box.
- simplify signal notification. And remember the spinlock.
- VIA ide driver update (well, rewrite - the old one was buggy and broken)
- network driver fixes (not checking for oom etc)
- USB serial driver SMP locking fixes
- fix memory leak on failed USB configuration queries
- USB initialization using proper "init()" calls.
- dvd capacity bug fix and other cdrom driver cleanups
- sis5513 IDE chipset update
- do_fork() - add "stack-top" for ia64 (and potentially other
architectures that may care)
- devfs support for LVM
- quota transfer miscount fix
- x86 checksum/copy prefetch
- NFS sillydelete fix
- mark_buffer_dirty() doesn't actually use the second argument. Delete it.
- SCSI communications device - no need to complain about it
- SCSI WP test fix (all pages, not just the first one)
- epic driver update
- fix pcmcia "driver asserts interrupts when booting up" issues
- pre6:
- trunate - the never-ending story. Makes me feel like a long
Kurosawa movie. But in this one the hero _will_ survive, or my
name isn't Maxwell.
- SCSI tape driver potential memory leak.
- XMM FP handler bug fix: we really must not change the FP error
mask on exceptions. People care.

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