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    Subjectissuing SIDT _crashes_ the system?!

    I tried getting the interrupt descriptor table register (IDTR) using
    sidt but... the system crashed? it first told me about a null pointer
    dereference (sorry, haven't got the oops any more) and then all processes
    died away. on the console i repeatedly got the message "no vm86 information:

    What's up there? It's probably my mistake due to bad code, but I still
    don't understand and I can't find a bug in the module (sorry, it's late :) ).

    I passed SIDT a pointer to a structure which contains the 2 byte limit and
    the 4 byte base. To ensure that it is actually modified, I put in the two
    values 0xDEAD and 0xBABEFACE.

    After issuing SIDT, limit and base were 0. It's clear that that isn't the
    correct value for the IDTR...

    here's my getidt function (NASM):

    BITS 32

    GLOBAL getidt

    getidt: push ebp
    mov ebp, esp
    sidt [ebp - 4]
    pop ebp

    and here's the C part of the module:

    #define MODULE
    #define __KERNEL__

    #include <linux/kernel.h>
    #include <linux/module.h>

    struct idtr {
    unsigned short limit;
    unsigned char * base;

    extern void getidt (struct idtr *);

    int init_module (void) {
    struct idtr aidtr = {

    printk ("1 limit: %hu, base: %p\n", aidtr.limit, aidtr.base);
    getidt (&aidtr);
    printk ("2 limit: %hu, base: %p\n", aidtr.limit, aidtr.base);

    return -1;

    void cleanup_module (void) {

    any ideas?


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