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Subject240-test[589] SMP lockups, confirming.

Running here SMP dual celeron, 440BX, 2HD( Maxtor 1G IBM 9G)
ISA 3c509, 128MB ram,
nfsroot server for 2 clients, X, workstation,

Once a day of serious usage computer locks up.
Most part sysrq works.

Now I had to work on text-console(test9 clean) for some days
and got 2 lockups:

1. nfs was in D state if I remember correctly (or R)(sysrq works)
but userland is stuck.
2. httpd(not livin on nfs) stop caused then cpu1 to detect lockup
(and sysrq didnt work)
httpd stop is a weird operation, on some computers with e2compr
this caused a logmessage about async io.

logs show nothing.
It has been so for whole 2.4.0-test[5-9] time(I did not try earlier
2.3.99-pre6 was latest, nfs activity seems to be most guilty, however,
I can not see any way to debug it when
it happens under X.

Anyway, the complaining about SMP instablity seems very justified,
because, I had to pump 1GB of logs into mysql and 2.2.18-pre9 did the
so it is very probably not a hardware problem. 2.2.18-pre9 is up
and running for 35 hours now, incuding 10 hours mysql with loadavg 3.

nfsroot clients are 2.2 and 2.4.

If anyone wants me to do some setup-specific stresstests, u are welcome.


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