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SubjectRe: problem with cscope and 2.4-test8 source file
Rusty writes:
> In message <> you write:
>> * Mark Salisbury <> [000918 07:32]:

>>> the source file linux/fs/hpfs/super.c
>>> from kernel version 2.4-test8 causes cscope to core dump during
>>> the database generation phase.
>>> the problem is the extremely long printk() string starting on
>>> line 280 in the function static inline void hpfs_help(void){}
> printk has a 1024 character limit. This printk must be broken up anyway.

No other filesystem driver has a built-in man page. HPFS is already
documented in mount.8, so there is no need to use kernel memory to
store additional documentation.

Of course, cscope still looks like a security hazard. One just needs
to sneak a buffer-overflow exploit patch past Linus. I'll guess that
this can be fixed by building cscope with flex in place of lex, not
that I've actually looked at the source though.

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