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SubjectRe: problem with cscope and 2.4-test8 source file
* Mark Salisbury <> [000918 07:32]:
> I use cscope version 13.7 (on solaris 2.6)

There is an open sourced version of cscope released under a BSD license at ...

> the source file linux/fs/hpfs/super.c
> from kernel version 2.4-test8 causes cscope to core dump during the database
> generation phase.
> the problem is the extremely long printk() string starting on line 280 in the
> function static inline void hpfs_help(void){}

I just tried it with the open sourced cscope, and it works on that line
just fine. It (the cscope) still needs a little work in some areas, but
it seems fairly decent to me.

> simply breaking up this printk up into several smaller printk's solves the
> problem.

You can submit a kernel patch if you think it'll get accepted... it's
a trivial enough hack... but no guarantees.

> I guess this is only a problem if you use cscope, but I thought you all would
> like to know..

Try using the open source cscope... this isn't a bug there, and if you
do run into any, you can always email me (or submit to cscope's
sourceforge site) patches to it.

Good luck. :)
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