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SubjectRE: [linux-usb-devel] Logitech USB Wingman Force Joystick...
> Hello all...
> No joy with this joystick and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
> I just received a Logitech USB Wingman Force Joystick. I have
> the iforce module compiled and loaded and the it recognizes the USB
> joystick.

> Trouble is "jstest /dev/js0" says no such device.
> Still no go, but at least I'm not getting the modprobe
> errors now.
> My USB mouse on c 13, 63 is working like a charm.
> This is with kernel 2.4.0-test8
> So, I assume that I'm still missing something obvious
> here. What?
> Any thoughts anyone?
> Mike

Hi Mike,

Thoughts are cheap. Well, I guess (these) devices are too,
but I don't have one (yet).

No, you're not doing anything wrong. That'd be too easy
to fix.

We've known about this problem for several weeks now.
AFAIK it first showed up at the USB PlugFest in early August
(2.4.0-test4 or -test5).
I told Vojtech about it but we haven't tracked it down yet.

I have a USB gamepad on order. It exhibited the same
problem at the PlugFest, so I hope to be able to track it
down soon.

I'll log this in the Status/TODO list.


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