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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: SCSI scanning]
> On Sun, 17 Sep 2000, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> That's another case where the SCSI layer is module dependent. If it's a
> module, we use the "init_module()" in scsi/scsi.c, and if not, we instead
> use "scsi_dev_init()". They do some of the same things (well, they
> obviously would have to, otherwise there wouldn't be any point to having a
> init routine at all), but in general do it in very different ways for no
> good reason I can see.

I agree. The scsi subsystem has been like this for ages, and I've
taken the task of cleaning it up. The reason for not doing the
_big_ patch right away, was because of the complextity of this
paticular layer. This complexity is _not_ needed, as the recent
changes to the network layer has taught us. In fact I think
making the scsi layer behave more like the network layer
in terms of initialization would benefit not only those hacking
on scsi, but all of those maintaining scsi host drivers.

> Torben, would you mind terribly expanding on your previous patch a bit,
> and also cleaning this part up? As far as I can tell, we should just
> remove scsi_dev_init() completely, and use the module init code with an
> initcall(). Two less regions of #ifdef MODULE, and one less different
> code-path to worry about..

I'll do this. I agree about the scsi_dev_init part. We _need_ one entry
point into each module (scsi/host/device). This change will actually
make some code a duplicate and therefore needs to be removed which
I consider a good ting.

Torben Mathiasen

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