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SubjectRe: routing kernel

> I'm looking for good support for both routing as well as NAT.
> I heard the 2.0.x is one of the best kernels in terms of
> VM management, what might matter considering the router is to
> be P75 w/ 16mb ram.

I run a trio of 486 DX2/66s each with 16mb ram and 500mb HDs as
routers/NAT boxes - I've had no downtime in about 18 months on any of the
machines. Each one runs 2.0.36 as RedHat patched it for their 5.2 release
(I've never had to recompile the kernel for any of them, so I don't know
who much this may vary from stock 2.0.36).



Mo McKinlay Chief Software Architect inter/open Labs
GnuPG Key: pub 1024D/76A275F9 2000-07-22 Mo McKinlay <>

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