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Subjectrouting kernel

I was wondering what would be most recommended as routing kernel.

I had been using 2.0.35preX for like 630 days and it worked
relatively fine.

Now, I'm wondering what would be next best kernel I would want
to put there? Should I use latest 2.0.X kernel or latest 2.2.x
kernel or maybe 2.4.0-test kernels?

I'm looking for good support for both routing as well as NAT.
I heard the 2.0.x is one of the best kernels in terms of
VM management, what might matter considering the router is to
be P75 w/ 16mb ram.

obtw: before someone suggest alternative solutions, the machine
in question is a laptop with two "New Media Live Wire" NIC's
and only Linux supports those (and yes, PCMCIA NIC is not great
performace but it should be adquate for current needs).

Adam The Supreme Headquarters of the 32 bit registers

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