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Subjectseveral lockups and performance

2.4.0-test8, 2.4.0-test7, 2.4.0-test5

1. bridge. If to set bridge addr on C level after bridge is created, but

before any interfaces are ever attached to it,
it oopses. The box I am doing it is quite embedded and I am too lazy
to set up any serial
line debugging or nfs root, so I could say about it at the moment,
that it occurs somewhere in bridge code around kmallocing.
2. 3c509 isapnp
3c509 goes up straight, but, with cards configured pnp-mode, with 4
cards, there will be a lockup after the
second one. It is probably the generic problem about 3c509 no
tolerating foreign interrupts.
weird is that sysreq works, but with about 30 sec latency. No oops
onscreen. Looks like being in cycle somewhere.
P75, 16MB memory, Compaq, PCnet32 onboard, 4x3c509B cards
this is on server box.
Dont know where it is, but once a day or so, after being away from
computer, it
wont be happy when I touch it again.
Never happened while sitting there, allways when coming back.
Sometimes X locks up,
but most usually locks whole box. SysReq works, but it allways
happnes on graphics console
after display coming on and I have typed some letters into X
screensaver lock password dialog.

4. performance problem:
10Mbit bridge with very minimalistic kernel is 20% slower with 8MB
ram as compared to 16MB ram.
Other interesting feature is, that it is 100% slower at start and
after some minutes of run,
comes to 20%... ultimately weird.
kernel is 450kB compressed, has vfat as root fs, and whatever else
possibly disabled. TCP is supported
but real minimalistic.


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