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SubjectRe: Booting into /bin/bash
According to Richard B. Johnson:
> Without patching the kernel, I think I can show that there is something
> basically wrong. The patch may just hide the problem.


> Something seems to be wrong, even with using the first virtual
> terminal, which is a 'tty' and should (must) be able to become a
> a controlling terminal.

Only if you're the process group leader.. read drivers/char/tty_io.c
function tiocsctty()

> This is a stock kernel version 2.2.15. The stuff necessary to make
> 'strace' run ends up with the 'init' PID of 6. FYI, it is a real
> bear to 'strace' init's startup.

And that is the cause of you not being process group leader.

Stick a setsid() before the tty stuff.

Deadlock, n.:
Deceased rastaman.
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