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Subjectlocking in 2.4.0-prex (was [NFS] lockdsvc: Invalid argument)
>>>>> " " == Aaron T Porter <> writes:

> Hey -- I'm running 2.4.0-test6, using knfsd serving a few
> Solaris systems. When they try to write, I'm getting "Err#91
> ERESTART" which points to lockd. Trying to restart gives
> lockdsvc: Invalid argument, which Trond seems to imply[1]
> should be irrelevant, but something is obviously
> wrong. Suggestions?

Something seems to have broken with the locking changes introduced in
the 2.4.0-prex series.

The connectathon NFS test suite now causes a 'panic()' in
fs/locks.c:locks_free_lock() when running the various parent/child
locking tests.

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