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Subject2.2 Backport Terminated ...

Greetings All,

Do to limits in personal bandwidth and other projects that need to get
done, I can no longer keep up the back port of the ATA code.

Things that are before me are :

Finish Stablity of 2.4.0
Finish CASCADE for 2.4.0 and introduction @ ALS
8 drives per channel, or 16 drives per card.
Finish ORBS Castlewood for 2.4.0
Finish ARCO-IDE RAID for 2.4.0
Finish ONION-BUG fix without TASKFILE IOCTL for 2.4.0
Parse 48-bit LBA for 2.4.0/2.5.0

Finish TASKFILE for 2.5.0
Prep for SerialATA SuperSets for 2.5.0

Finish Drive Certification Model and test Suite.

Stop pissing Linus off on a regular basis ;-)


Andre Hedrick
The Linux ATA/IDE guy

PS. If you do not get a reply or a late one you now know why.
PS. If BKZ is up to it, he will begin to handle the back-ports again.

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