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SubjectRe: [RFC] Wine speedup through kernel module
Date said:
> Ah... I did misunderstand you. I thought you meant CONFIG_MODULES in
> general, which'd be okay - obviously, if module support is disabled,
> you can't load a module anyway.

Well actually, that's not strictly true. But it is fair to say that if
you're hacking new code into the kernel with CONFIG_MODULES disabled, then
we really don't care about you :) said:
> No, I wasn't planning to do that. I was thinking more along the lines
> of adding another handler in to struct exec_domain, but that isn't
> especially generic.

You don't need to add another handler. I already overloaded the lcall7
handler by passing an extra int into it to tell it the type of call which is
causing it to be invoked. Values which are already used are 7 for iBCS calls
(lcall7) and 0x27 for Solaris/x86 syscalls (lcall 0x27). Pick another number,
and possibly reassign those two to 1 and 2 respectively because it's
cleaner like that.


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