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SubjectRe: an extra idetm for 2.4 TODO list
On Sat, 19 Aug 2000, Tigran Aivazian wrote:

> Hi Ted,
> Today I discovered that I can't backup more than 2.4G to a DDS-2
> tape using 2.4.0-test7-pre5. Rebooting back to 2.4.0-test1-ac18 works just
> fine. Tried multiple tapes to make sure it's not a defective tape.
> Other devices (hard disk, cdwriter and zipdrive) on the same scsi bus work
> fine. The adapter is "04 90 78 71" (Adaptec AHA-294x / AIC-7871 (rev 03)).
> The tape drive is:
> Vendor: ARCHIVE Model: Python 04687-XXX Rev: 6610
> Problem is reproducible. After 2.4G tar fails with EIO and I get some SCSI
> sense error stuff in the log (ok, I should have saved it, I know).
I would really like to see these error messages and the command you used
when you saw the problem. I have now successfully written 3.5 GB in
variable block mode and fixed block mode with 1024 kB blocks. I addition
to this I have done a backup of over 5 GB. This was with test7-pre6,
aic-7850, and HP DDS-2 drive.

So, there does not seem to be a categorical write limit of 2.4 GB for SCSI
tapes and I can't reproduce your problem without more information.


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