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SubjectProblem porting 2.0.x/2.x.0 network driver to 2.4.0


I have some problems porting an old driver to the new 2.4.0 kernels.
The driver is for a wireless PCMCIA network card developed here at
Ericsson. There is an existing driver for 2.0.x/2.x.0 that creates
an Ethernet device (say eth0) and is fully functional when using
those kernels.

Now I've changed the code to compile for 2.4.0 kernels (renaming
struct device to struct net_device and things like that). The
resulting module can be insmod'ed and eth0 can be ifconfig'ed.

When using tcpdump on eth0 incoming packets, like ping echo requests
can be seen, but the network stack doesn't seem to receive them,
because icmplogger doesn't show anything.

Sending doesn't work at all. Pinging another host doesn't show
anything in tcpdump, the tx counters for eth0 remain 0 and the
debugging code in the transmit routine of the drivers doesn't get
called. But the icmplogger shows "destination unreachable from

It seems to me as if there is a problem between the eth0 interface
and the higher layers of the TCP/IP stack. But I can't figure out
what the problem might be.

Does anyone know what can cause this kind of behaviour? Any help
is greatly appreciated!


P.S. I am not on the list and have therefor CC'ed this message to
myself. Could you keep this CC pointing to me?

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