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Subject[UPDATE] Linux Kernel Source Reference
[i posted this about an hour after the vger machine crashed - thus
it got lost - so here it is again]

if you ever wanted to know how linux/fs/pipe.c was looking in the
2.3.43 version of the linux kernel without downloading it, if you
ever wanted to know what changed in this file between 1.0.4 and
2.3.99-pre5, if you ever wanted to know at which version that file
was last changed or want to find where some special structure is
defined (or dozens of other things) - then you are right here :-)

ok - had a little bit more time to get the

linux kernel source reference (lksr)

a bit further since i announced it some days ago - the changes

* there is now an "all" tree which contains all versions together
- so you can now diff arbitrary versions of a file (but better
use the version trees if you want to diff only inside one version
tree - it's faster that way)

* i also added most of the available kernel sources before 1.0
(so you can now also look at v0.01 in the lksr :-)

* also new are the lxr indexed trees of the latest two stable
trees and the development tree plus the sgi xfs source tree
(2.0, 2.2, 2.3, xfs) which will be updated automatically
on a daily basis to the latest available code ...

just have a look at it at:

or easier to remember (lksr = linux kernel source reference)

(there you will find informations on how to access the various
services) - also i also again wanted to mention (because nobody
so far used it :-) that all this is - beside cvsweb - also
available via public cvs (pserver)

if you have any comments, ideas or hints - just let me know


technical director innominate AG
clustering & security networking people
tel: +49.30.308806-13 fax: -77
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