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SubjectRe: dev_mc_lock question. wrote:
> Hello!
> > Can somebody explain me please why 'dev_mc_lock' is global for all
> > network devices and not one per 'net_device' structure?
> Do you modify mc lists each other microsecond? 8)8)

No, but I want to call 'dev_mc_add()', 'dev_mc_delete()' from
'dev->set_multicast_list()' (where 'dev' is virtual device) and this
cause deadlock on smp because of global 'dev_mc_lock'.

> In any case, this lock is bug as whole. mc lists should be modified
> only under dev->xmit_lock.

So, is it safe to remove it? Do you want me to send patch?

PS: you accidentally CCed the answer to the old list (

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