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SubjectRe: Updated Linux 2.4 issues page
My current todo list (not necessarily for 2.4, 2.2 needs this as well
and some bits probably will end up hitting only 2.5). Several patches
fixing some of this already sent, some alredy entered 2.2, most didn't
got into 2.4.0-test, I'm waiting for some maintainers to answer my
messages, other answered that they have newer driver out of the stock

- get rid of check_region, use just request_region checking its return (2.2
request_region returned void)

- request_irq needs to be checked

- check all init_etherdev return
- drivers allocating net_device with init_etherdev doesn't need zeroing it
(init_etherdev does this for us)
- check all kmalloc, vmaloc, skb_alloc, etcalloc

- release previously successful allocations on failure
- use forward gotos to release previously successfull allocations

- convert drivers to new PCI API

- remove uneeded historic code
- checking for NULL net_device on probe routines for net drivers

- check freeing skbs with kfree instead of kfree_skb

- get rid of panic function in drivers (watchdogs need to use machine_restart
instead of panic 8) )
- several char drivers do this happily :(

- get rid of isa_read/write[bwl], use ioremap instead

- sed s/return EWHATEVER/return -EWHATEVER/

- check misc_register return (yes, it can fail, murphy's law applies here as

- Arnaldo
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