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SubjectRe: Updated Linux 2.4 issues page
On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, Meelis Roos wrote:

> TTo> * If all the ISO NLS's are modules, there can be an undefined ref to
> TTo> CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT in inode.c (Dale Amon)
> Somebody please recheck Config in about NLS. ISOFS has different condition than
> other FS'es IIRC (noticed it in test7-pre5 smb nls support patch).

You mean the "$CONFIG_JOLIET" = "y" ?

The only users of CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT in 2.4 that I can find are fat and
smbfs. The condition for enabling nls is:

if [ "$CONFIG_JOLIET" = "y" -o "$CONFIG_FAT_FS" != "n" \
-o "$CONFIG_NTFS_FS" != "n" -o "$CONFIG_NCPFS_NLS" = "y" \
-o "$CONFIG_SMB_FS" != "n" ]; then

If you enable nls you also get a CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT.

I didn't see the original message so maybe I'm misinterpreting the
summary or not understanding the problem.

If you do not run 'make oldconfig' this value may be missing. I don't
understand why having them compiled as modules would make any difference,
if you have enabled nls then you should also have the default value.

isofs is for some reason not using CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT in 2.4, but I think
it is in 2.2. It's use would be wrapped in #ifdef CONFIG_JOLIET.


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