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SubjectRe: abstract file (support multi-part)

Today, James Sutherland <> wrote:

> That all depends on your viewpoint. If you fix the two major flaws in
> NTFS's approach, what you are actually left with are just files. Files
> which have part of their name in common with other files, yes - but does
> that really matter to anyone?

What you are left with is a file made up of more than one part. Not
multiple files. And not fixing the "two major flaws in NTFS's approach" -
it's certainly the first I've heard of them, and something that must be
shared by any other existing implementation of the same thing, considering
what they have in common.

> Not really. These are NOT parts of a single file: they are independent
> blocks of data with names, living in a directory.

No. They ARE parts of a single file. If they were independent blocks of
data with names living in a directory, then they WOULD be files,
yes. However, they are not.

I don't want to sound like I'm disputing everything you say for the sake
of it (honestly, this isn't the case) - but there are fundamental
differences between files and named streams/forks, and they must be
treated as such.

Mo McKinlay Chief Software Architect inter/open Labs
GnuPG Key: pub 1024D/76A275F9 2000-07-22 Mo McKinlay <>

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