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    SubjectRe: [off-topic] ATX-boot after power outage?
    On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Aleksandr Koltsoff wrote:

    > Hi,
    > I'm having the following problem:
    > an ATX-power equipped server that is supposed to be all the time on, but
    > downtime is not critical.
    > When there is a power outage, the server loses power (which is ok, fsck
    > tolerable).
    > Now, when the power comes back, the server won't boot automatically, but
    > it needs to be started by pressing the power-button.
    > Is there any way of disabling this (default ATX) behaviour so that the
    > server will start whenever power is reapplied?
    > Using an UPS is not the solution. Imagine that the UPS will tell the
    > server that "hey, we have no power, please shutdown now". Server
    > complies and turns itself off. Now when the power comes back on line,
    > the UPS will forward (hmm) that to the server, but the server does not
    > know how to start itself.
    > At one location I was thinking of using Wake-On-Lan since I have a spare
    > old AT-powered computer which can (after power is back) send WOL packets
    > to the servers. But in some places all the servers/computers are ATX.
    > So, ideas anyone?

    This seems to be a BIOS-controlled "feature". Early Abit BP6 motherboards
    would always remain switched off when power was restored; one of the
    recent BIOS upgrades added an option to the BIOS setup offering a setting
    for the board to power up immediately power is restored. The same should
    be true of other boards, I think?


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