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Subject[off-topic] ATX-boot after power outage?

I'm having the following problem:

an ATX-power equipped server that is supposed to be all the time on, but
downtime is not critical.

When there is a power outage, the server loses power (which is ok, fsck

Now, when the power comes back, the server won't boot automatically, but
it needs to be started by pressing the power-button.

Is there any way of disabling this (default ATX) behaviour so that the
server will start whenever power is reapplied?

Using an UPS is not the solution. Imagine that the UPS will tell the
server that "hey, we have no power, please shutdown now". Server
complies and turns itself off. Now when the power comes back on line,
the UPS will forward (hmm) that to the server, but the server does not
know how to start itself.

At one location I was thinking of using Wake-On-Lan since I have a spare
old AT-powered computer which can (after power is back) send WOL packets
to the servers. But in some places all the servers/computers are ATX.

So, ideas anyone?


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