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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.15pre12
    On Fri, 3 Mar 2000, Rik van Riel wrote:

    > - the reports you saw here the last time contained error
    > messages from kernels _without_ the "smart" killing logic
    > - if you show me where the oom killing breaks for you, I'll
    > gladly fix it

    well, the reason i posted was because a machine running 2.2.14 that i'd
    been logged into via XDM /suddenly/ started thrashing, intensive,
    continious i/o, and xterms on that machine became very
    unresponsive within a matter of 30 seconds. The machine was totally dead
    about 5 min later, with lot's of killing xyz messages, where xyz were
    things like fetchmail, crond, sendmail, etc... but not any of the X11
    memory hogs (netscape)[1] that were actually causing the problem.

    so i wasn't impressed.. however alan reckons 2.2.15 is improved, so i'll
    wait and give that a try.

    i still have a bad feeling about this killing thing though. I understand
    it's half a dozen of one (harder VM, but possibly wasteful of RAM) and 6
    of the other (less restrictive VM, more efficient RAM usage, but walking
    on a tightrope). But i still think OOM killing is a kludge.

    What'd be nice (perhaps for 2.5) would be perhaps VM policy classes. Eg
    so that i could say "let processes of class A be allocated memory using
    the standard 'lazy' VM model, and let the VM allocate memory to
    processes in class B in a 'hard' way."

    Processes in class A would ones whose memory needs/behaviour i
    know/trust will not cause problems, eg most of my system daemons. Class
    B processes would be those fat bloated hogs like netscape. How to define
    certain processes being in one class, and others in another is a problem
    though. And i gather from alan that 'hard' VMA is difficult to implement

    still, in a perfect world.... :)

    > regards,
    > Rik
    > --


    Paul Jakma.

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