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SubjectRe: [bugreport] vfat: Unmountable FAT32 Partition
Andreas Dietrich:

>> # mount -o debug -t vfat /dev/hda3 /mnt/DOS_hda3
>> fatfs: bogus cluster size

Kurt Roeckx <>:

> I've had the same problem.
> The problem is that the clustersize is 4K for partitions upto 8 GB,
> then it changes to 8K I think, which linux doesn't seem to allow.

Before we invent a problem:

(i) Andreas sent the first 128 sectors of his /dev/hda3,
and they were all equal, with data that looked like
random garbage. Maybe something is terribly wrong with Linux,
but for the time being I suppose that this is just a random
test pattern written by the manufacturer, and that this /dev/hda3
has never been formatted.
(ii) You say potential problems start at 8 GB.
But Andreas' partition was just below 7 GB.

So, until Andreas comes back and protests that my interpretation
is all wrong, he does not have a problem.

On the other hand, if there really is a problem, reproducible
and verifiable, then it will probably be easy to fix.
(So, your detailed report is welcome.)


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