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SubjectRe: AIC7XXX SCSI driver not working right, Baracuda
In 2.2.13, the AIC7xxx driver rev was at 5.1.20.  In 2.2.14 it went
to 5.1.21. Current rev is at 5.1.28. In 5.1.21, many changes
went in that affected the 78xx and 2920C series. While it fixed
problems for some drives, it broke compatibility with alot of
other drives.

Purely as a debug datapoint, you might wanna grab the 2.2.13 sources
and grab all the aicxxx files in the <kernel root>/drivers/scsi
directory (some files and a directory). Replace the drivers in
2.2.14 and/or the more current 2.3 series and see if your problem
goes away.


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