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    SubjectRe: Linux/ix86 booting process and BIOS
    On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, wrote:
    > If you find a BIOS it will be in 'C' and Intel asm. There's no way
    > anybody would have used AT&T (chicken v.s. egg problem).
    > I agree the code is a mess. Further:
    > o There is no makefile.
    > o There is no way to make the executable file that does something,
    > possibly the final relocations and checksum (no source).
    > o The 'ASM' sources will assemble. However, they don't link into
    > a BIOS rom. Something is missing.

    If your looking at the same file I am, the makefile is bios.mak, its
    an nmake makefile.

    Adrian Sloan

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