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SubjectRe: Congrats to Richard Gooch
Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> The only think I don't like is the new naming scheme for the mass storage
> devices.

A bit redundant, isn't it ? ../discs/disc0/disc :-(

Anyway, I wonder if it wouldn't ease the transition phase if devfs could
default to some kind of "translucent" mount, such that a failed devfs
lookup is continued on the original /dev (if devfs has mounted itself on
/dev). Shouldn't be overly complex (e.g. no funny copy-on-write semantics
a la IFS or TFS), and might avoid plenty of nasty surprises for people
trying devfs for the first time in the next few weeks.

- Werner

/ Werner Almesberger, ICA, EPFL, CH /

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