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SubjectDeadly crash with 2.3.46
My system has :

230Mhz Cyrix
SVirge video card 4M
AWE 64 sound card
Memorex CDwriter
40M of ram
running SuSE 6.3 (also run Slackware, Corel Linux, winblows, DRDOS and OS/2)
CF Keyboard
DAEWOO 15 inches monitor
Logitech mouse with wheel
Epson Stylus 660 printer
Viking external 56k modem
Mustek 600CP scanner (parallel port)
Eprom programmer at address 300H
Unused Realtek ethernet card (other PC don't recognize it)
Designed for Win 95 mouse pad

I had a crash problem with 2.3.41 so I went back to 2.3.40 for a while.
I started a download and went to the bathroom. When I came back everything
was frozen, no reaction from the keyboard or the mouse.

Now with 2.3.46 I try to run e, setedit from Salvator Eduardo Tropea from
Argentina. I then get a similar crash as previously. This time it is
on the console. I tried a couple more times and got the exact same results.
The only recourse was a hardware reset in every cases.

I did have some response from the keyboard which was the response to
ctrl FX, whetever it could do for me was useless considering that no
other keys worked.

setedit is an editor based on turbovision, an improved debugged version
of the one in rhide. It uses the latest and greatest turbovision support,
not the non working one from SuSE.

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