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SubjectRe: RFC: capability to limit/allow access to various system info

Casey Schaufler writes:

> Capability granularity is a touchy issue. What you're proposing is
> having seperate capabilities for READ and WRITE access to a set
> Be wary of adding capabilities. One vendor decided to use seperate
> capabilities for each possible thing and ended up with 330!

That system, with 330 capabilities, was more correctly designed.
Our system is broken. We have no safe way to "split" a capability,
so we are stuck with the existing granularity.

Linux capabilities are kernel-only too, while a great deal of
security is handled in daemons and set-uid programs.
We might as well just rip out all this complexity, since it isn't
doing enough to eliminate special UID values. For example, there
isn't a "connect to X server" or "edit /etc/passwd" capability.

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