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SubjectKernel Development Documentation?
I was reading an article today on Slashdot about how poorly documented the
Windows API was and had this fear that Linux could get the same way. So, cut to
the point:

Is there a project underway that documents how things like the VM, the Memory
Manger, what a a specific driver needs to do, what it needs to return, how it is
called, what do all those files in arch/whatever do? Are there bits and pieces
spewed around all over the net? It would seem to me that someone ( and I will
volunteer ) sould sit down and put together some sort of documentation system
for the Kernel. Somthing to the effect of a super help for users with all the
technical details for developers.

Obviously it should be kept on the Internet but in such a way that it can be
contributed to by many people ( preferrably the people who have influence with
the code ). It should also have a team of "editors" and be maintained such that
it is browsable, printable, and publishable.

I personally feel that now would be the time to do this while the current
development tree is being wrapped up for production and there is no major work
on a 2.5 development tree - at least publicly. Like I said, I voulenteer to
coordinate this effort and find a place to host it. What are the thoughts of
others? Good idea, bad idea? Input is more than welcome.
-Carl Perry

"Real programmers don't draw flowcharts. Flowcharts are, after
all, the illiterate's form of documentation. Cavemen drew
flowcharts; look how much good it did them."
-Fortune (The App, not the Magazine)
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