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Subject[bug] vfsmount->count accounting broken again?

Imagine two ext2 filesystems

/dev/hda1 mounted rw on /boot
/dev/hda3 mounted rw on /usr/src

now mount /dev/hda3 also on /boot

mount -t ext2 /dev/hda3 /boot

this succeeds, which is expected. Now umount it.

umount /boot

this also succeeds, which is expected. Now do df(1) and notice that
/etc/mtab is corrupted and no longer shows the old /boot filesystem even
though we know (from /proc/mounts) that it is mounted. This is a bug but a
userspace one (should mail Andries later, probably util-linux). Now, the
interesting bit, i.e. the kernel bug:

umount /boot

this fails with EBUSY. So, I think the reference count has gone wrong
somewhere -- I will put debugging code in do_umount() and see, but
everyone is welcome to fix it before I do so...


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