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SubjectNational Semiconductor DP83815 ethernet driver?
I am wondering about the current status of a driver for the NS83815 ethernet

From searching Google, I know some sort of driver exists. In July, Adam J.
Richter ( posted a 2.2.16 driver he obtained from Dave
Gotwisner at Wyse Technologies. And Tim Hockin mentioned that he was using
an NSC driver, but had made some minor modifications.

The only source I've seen is the one Mr. Richter posted.

How well does this driver work? From Mr. Richter's email I gather that Alan
Cox gave some feedback and suggested improvements. This makes me worried
about using the "unimproved" version of the driver.

If anyone has improved code for the 2.2.x series I would greatly appreciate

2.2.17 and 18 didn't include the driver. I also gather that Mr. Richter is
(or was) concentrating on a port to the 2.4 series, how is that coming

For what it's worth, the chip seems to have detailed documentation at

Thanks for any help.

Torrey Hoffman
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