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SubjectRe: how to capture long oops w/o having second machine

Try reading:

It mentions:

Patch the kernel with one of the crash dump patches. These save
data to a floppy disk or video rom or a swap partition. None of
these are standard kernel patches so you have to find and apply
them yourself. Search kernel archives for kmsgdump, lkcd and

I don't know if the "dump to floppy" patch is maintained for the
2.4.0 series.


Mohammad A. Haque wrote:

> Nope, this didn't fly. Would have been neat if it did work. Maybe it can
> be made to work for future use?
> On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, Greg KH wrote:
>> I don't know if /dev/ttyUSBX would work, but I think it would. People
>> have successfully run consoles through the usb-serial drivers, but I'm
>> not sure if the oops main console requires something different (like
>> registering itself actually as a console?)
>> And then there's the nice problem of the fact that if the oops comes
>> from the USB code, you will not see it come out the usb-serial driver :)
>> Let me know if you try this, and have any success (or find that it
>> doesn't work.)

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