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SubjectLinux 2.4.0test11pre1ac1
This is the patches I have in my pending/twiddled with pile at the moment.
I'll also send bits of this off to Linus

Whats different

o Ramfs allows size limiting (very handy when fiddling with PDA's)
o Knows the 'kgcc' convention for conectiva/mandrake/red hat
o Build ACPI if you have ACPI but no interpreter
o Tidy up naming on machine check code
o 36bit MTRR
o Fix PIV ident bug
o Fix K6 CPU on dual board crash
o Much faster block copy functions on the Athlon
o Fix daemonize to do exit_files. All callers do this or should do
o Cpqarray procfs fix
o Fix build bug with old hard disk driver
o Fix free then reference with pcbit isdn
o Check/requestion region clean for radio drivers
o Cleaner version of the PnP cadet radio patch
o Seperate tx timeout code for 8390
o Network driver request region fixes
o de4x5 user space copy in spinlock fix
o epic100 delay fixes
o Avoid crash on iph5526 on out of memory
o Fix locking bugs on roadrunner
o Fix crash on insmod risk with many scsi drivers
o Fix incorrect runtime panics in some scsi drivers
o Fix HZ in the aha152x driver
o Remove escaped and dead check for I2O in megaraid
o Fix i810 audio driver
o Fix cramfs initrd data loss bug
o Fix power management locking
o Fix resource printks that only print 4 digits
o Fix missing return value in atm pvc
o Disable SPX (doesnt work, no maintainer etc)


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