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SubjectRe: Installing kernel 2.4
On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

> > > Detecting the CPU isn't the issue (we already do all this), it's what to
> > > do when you've figured out what the CPU is. Show me code that can
> > > dynamically adjust the alignment of the routines/variables/structs
> > > dependant upon cacheline size.
> Look in the PE loader

The last time I looked at your code, I stopped reading after I got
to a comment mentioning trade secrets, and intellectual property.

> -- Microsoft's PE loader can do this since everything is RVA based.
> If you want to take the loader and put it in Linux, be my guest.

Why ??

> You can even combine mutiple i86 segments all compiled under different
> options (or architectures) and bundle them into a single executable file

There is nothing stopping us from doing that now, we just choose not to,
as it would result in a ridiculously oversized kernel. Even if the loader
threw away the non-used segments, I don't think anyone can justify an
on-disk kernel image containing mostly code they never execute.



| Dave Jones <>
| SuSE Labs

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